Saturday, 4 May 2013

Chinese in Ladakh

20 days on. Chinese are officially inside India [Chinese troops are 20km inside Indian territory in Daulat Beg Oldi (DBO) sector in eastern Ladakh] Indian government is mum. Army is holding flag meetings with the Chinese Army without any results and our foreign ministry's visit to China now looks dicey. Why is he going at all? Shouldn't we be putting this issue on the block as priority one?Where is it all headed ? Only God knows for sure because our government looks more clueless each passing day.

Beautiful Ladakh
Beautiful Ladakh

As an Indian, I don't wish for an all out war, teach the enemy a lesson kind of reaction, but I am not exactly feeling proud at the way things are being handled. Hardly missed is the fact that we are overly bending ourselves trying to please the Chinese. Why are we doing it? I am hoping our government knows what it is doing and doesn't end up ceding a big chunk of Indian Territory to the Chinese which ultimately becomes a 'disputed territory' as has happened numerous times with our neighbors.
As a lay person I have less understanding on diplomacy and foreign policy but as a citizen who is proud to be an Indian I do not wish to see my country meek and helpless in front of another country. This situation where a foreigner has intruded our motherland claiming it to be theirs, there must be a way where we can push the intruders back and at the same time affording to teach a lesson so that this situation is not repeated in future.
I am hoping the people we have entrusted the power to run our country find that way and also the courage to implement it !

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